The World in Our Pockets

Grace Pappas and Jessica Wetherly

26 March to 17 April 2022

The World in Our Pockets is a collaborative exhibition between Grace Pappas and Jessica Wetherly at The Stone Space that brings together their mutual interest in navigation and the dilation of time.
The work is based on research from the archives at Greenwich Observatory and Science Museum exploring the evolution of technology to dismantle the accumulation of knowledge found within smart devices. The work refers to kinetic instruments and analogue mechanics that explode the black box of the iPhone. They use symbolism and the transcendence of objects through culture to explore differences between digital and physical spaces that enable us to navigate the world around us.

Instagram: grace_pps jessicawetherly
Private view: Friday 25th March 18.30 – 20.00
Online Artist’s talk: 12th April 19:00 (This talk has been cancelled)