Acting Out

Sam Jane Hunt

21 April to 15 May 2022

Acting out: to perform a narrative, or act badly

In moments of censure and restriction, the urge to act out becomes even more tempting. Cravings that were previously quashed below the surface have a tendency to spill out. Not in huge, chaotic ways, but in small acts of humorous transgression or almost unnoticeable violence.
In ‘Acting Out’, Sam Jane Hunt brings together a selection of paintings that celebrate these minute actions. Figures glance darkly over shoulders, pins hover dangerously close to balloons and animals are freed from their usual caging and domestication. Poised against bright block-coloured backdrops, even the smallest of Hunt’s hand gestures perform silent outbursts of aggression and mischief.

Instagram: samjanehunt_art

Private view: Thursday 21st April 18.30 – 20.00
Artist’s talk: Saturday 7th May 14:00