Re-Thinking the Trace: The Stone Space

M. Lohrum

20 May to 12 June 2022

‘Re-Thinking the Trace’ is an exhibition project based on site-specific performative drawing. The features of the exhibition venue, in this case The Stone Space, play a fundamental role in the production of the works, since they directly influence their appearance. The works are produced in situ, and when later exhibited are accompanied by videos of the process of producing them. One of them involves audience participation, providing an opportunity to co-author the work.
The exhibition points out the blurred boundaries between contemporary art media, along with the unstable and changeable nature of both artistic creation itself and the contemporary social context. Concepts such as ‘space mediation’, ‘trace’, ‘exhibition’, ‘art media’ or ‘authorship’, can be re-examined in this show by witnessing and experiencing new ways of producing and reflecting on contemporary art.

Instagram: m.lohrum
Private view: Friday 20th May 18.30 – 20.00
Artist’s Talk: June 25th, 5pm: Zoom link

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