A Gesture, an Action ….Touching

Tony Antrobus
Karl Bielik
Stephen Buckeridge

13th April – 7th May 2023

A Gesture, an Action….Touching’ brings together the work of three contemporary abstract painters Tony Antrobus, Karl Bielik, and Stephen Buckeridge, for whom the gesture is a central component to their painting practice. Each painter is engaged in an examination of how painting can be explored, not as a settled notion of picture making but as a process that is being constantly renegotiated. Surfaces include gestures and marks which suggest liminal spaces where traces of activity sit between absence and presence or something in between. Surfaces evolve and are deconstructed; gestures reflect evidence of the hand or body, each mark navigating its surface independently, feeling and searching, pressing, and touching. This exhibition explores the use of gesture toward an outcome that can feel clumsy, strange or even brutal and which can be emotional and uncontrollable and new!

Websites & Instagram:
www.karlbielik.com @karl_bielik
www.stephenbuckeridge.com @stephenbuckeridge
www.tonyantrobus.co.uk @tonyantrobus27

Private view: Thursday 13th April 18:30 – 20:00