Systems at the Seams

Sophie Cunningham

18th March – 9th April 2023

The Stone Space Gallery presents the first London solo exhibition by artist Sophie Cunningham, featuring a new collaborative work with Hebe Konditori. Systems at the Seams is a critical exploration into the irrational psychology behind the expediency and disposability of Western shopping habits. In a world of low costs, fast trends and carefully orchestrated return policies, Cunningham’s work interrogates the pervasive ways in which fast-fashion brands embody throwaway attitudes of mass consumption to the detriment of everything else. By leveraging the opacity of these capitalist systems that feel so far removed from conventional artistic practice, Cunningham repurposes them as conduits for her own acts of resistance and rebellion. Through sculpture and performance, her artworks figuratively and literally cut to the core of the damaging production chains and attitudes towards disposability that these brands perpetuate.

Instagram: sophie__cunningham

Private view: Friday 17th March 18:30 – 20:00

Kindly supported by Goldsmiths Exhibitions Hub