Charlie Franklin

9th June – 2nd July 2023

A solo exhibition by Charlie Franklin, Outliers considers the ways in which objects can perform and mark their territory. Challenging the idea of the monument, she brings together work more akin to ruins or geological debris. The ambiguous or fragile-looking objects speak of physicality, control, and the passage of time. Her forms are highly textured and made from repurposed everyday materials such as discarded cardboard boxes, gaffer tape and aluminium foil. These core materials are worked into and weathered with plaster, paint, and metal leaf. Theatrical in scale and presentation, the objects act as landmarks or anchors, to determine our sense of place within the gallery, and out into the world beyond.

Website: charliefranklin.org

Instagram: @charlie__franklin

Private View: Friday 9th June 18:30 – 20:00

Artist tour + finissage: Saturday 1st July 14:00