now the sea is deeper…..

mark houghton

17 September to 11 October 2020

A series of cast bronze and aluminium inter-relating artworks that deal with issues of migration, consumerism, and its associated ecological detriment.

The material shift within the work is about the realisation of a greater metaphoric or poetic potential. The objects are the same, but different and have to be responded to differently.

The objects chosen for casting are selected to exude both a sense of nostalgia and pathos.

Nostalgia for the past can induce nostalgia for the present, evoking the passage of time, and everyday objects sliding towards obsolescence. The objects chosen may constitute the detritus of daily life, and exhibit a sense of poignancy, associated with failed utopian ideals.

Instagram: @dmhoughton

Artworks are for sale, prices are available on request.

Please note: We are remaining closed to visitors for the moment, but are hosting exhibitions that can be viewed from outside the gallery, through the window on Church Lane.