Lost in the Woods

Julie Caves

1st April – 25th April 2021

For Lost in the Woods Julie Caves will install a ten metre long painting of a forest landscape in the window of Stone Space gallery. The form of the painting will meander in the same way as the winding footpaths that crisscross the woods of the nearby Hollow Ponds area of Epping Forest. 

In this woodland Caves is drawn to the sunlight dappling onto the paths through the towering trees and to the reflections on the water. “It’s also a great place for songbirds and to notice the changing seasons.” She has been interested in the area for many years and has spent hours getting lost in these woods. 

Installed to be viewed through the window from the street, the painting will be hung in folds, like curtains that have started to fall from their rods. This reminds us that painting is often used as interior decoration, and sometimes asked to match the drapes. 

Caves is following in the footsteps of Sam Gilliam who is credited as the first painter to show a painting loose and off the stretchers with his Draped Paintings in 1965, which were each hung on a hook on the wall.


Instagram: @julie_caves

Please note: We are remaining closed to visitors for the moment, but are hosting exhibitions that can be viewed from outside the gallery, through the window on Church Lane.