four disproportionately sized chambers

Daisy Billowes

12 March to 5 April 2020

four disproportionately sized chambers is a four-week show that intends to create dis[order] and disruption to try and make sense of a drawing practice in the digital age. It will open up a debate between the mythical qualities of digital media and technology through a gestural mark-making that creates a visual language whereby process and meaning are intrinsically linked. 

Billowes’s intention for this exhibition is to bring into play new writings surrounding the emotional experience of these processes, joining together written word and drawn line, with image-coding forming a bridge-like support between them. This exhibition will take on its own form of ‘drawing’ and ‘consciousness’ as the works present to the viewer the tactile nature of drawing with human reflection, digital narration and abstraction. 

Interview with Daisy Billowes