Drawing after Performance

Ram Samocha

31st August – 24th September 2023

Multi-disciplinary artist Ram Samocha revisited his past live drawings during the pandemic. These drawings, created with vibrant energy in front of live audiences, were made using a variety of mediums. Samocha repurposed them using metalpoint, a traditional drawing technique that requires great skill. However, he added a unique twist by using a drill on stone paper, effectively transforming the two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional objects. By incorporating mixed media, he achieved unexpected combinations, gradually constructing the images over several months. This shift from a primal act of drawing to a layered painting resulted in rich and captivating artwork.

Website: drawtoperform.com

Instagram: ramsamocha

Private View:

Friday 1st September 18:30 – 20:00

Watch the recording of the artist’s talk and live performance that took place on Sunday 17th September here:


Image: Mapping the Action 2021, 198x100cm, wax crayons & metalpoint on stone paper. Photo credit: Marco Berardi