‘Til Morning Wakes

Athene Greig

9 Jan to 2 Feb 2020

Private view: Thurs 9 Jan 18:30 – 20:30

Not writing – what you’re doing when you’re not doing
Paintings like blinds
Folds Light String
Square reflection of sun thames water on bus window
Purple reflective windows on train home view
Round green tree against blue night sky out of living room window
Start talking again when I know what to say – blaze foley
Essays On painting On motherhood
Maternal memoir
Sunrise sunset
Take control with your body and mind
Notes of poo pee etc
Alabaster vase
Lavender smells
Tv shows
Screenshots iphone
Sounds of pram toy jingle
Muslin paintings
Use colours from domestic setting
Brick wall trees in middle – hillside near moffat
Fractured reading
Lengths of time long days short rests
Thoughts of one lost seep through
Yellow night light colour
Songs we play him