Soft Furnishings

Ladina Clément

15th February – 10th March 2024

Soft Furnishings is a solo exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Ladina Clément. Her work explores the way that sculpture, physical culture and the female body intertwine. This exhibition examines feminine strength, fragility and performance. Posed torsos of strongwomen are woven into soft sculptures that ripple and slump. The idea of spectatorship is brought into question through a series of delicate rose-tinted opera glasses, while opinions from a newspaper review are extracted from sheet metal. This exhibition is intended to be a kind of tableau vivant (living picture) – a melding between photographed and live bodies, performer and audience, power and vulnerability.

Private View: Thursday 15th February 18:30 – 20:00

Artist’s talk: Sunday 10th March 11:30 – 12:30


Instagram: @ladinaclement