Shitty snow 2

Maj-Gret Gaupås

29th September – 23rd October 2022

Artist’s Talk: Sunday 23rd October 3pm
This talk will be both in person at the gallery and on zoom. Meeting link

Maj-Gret Gaupås tries to catch immediacy within a stroke when applying a mark to a canvas. The paintings are made through rounds of repetitive staining and applications of wax. They investigate what she sees as problems or issues that recur within the process of painting. The build up of marks often form the shape of multiple frames within the painting’s composition.

Details of the work:

Top image
acrylics and waxes on canvas, 90×60 cm
Title of work: bridges_between_I

Bottom image
acrylics and waxes on canvas, 40×50 cm
Title of work: mountain bird I

Instagram: @mggaup

Funded by Vestfold and Telemark county