Sensing Precarity

David Watkins

16 June to 10 July 2022

Infrastructure is often hidden beneath the surface of urban life, only becoming apparent when it stops working. While infrastructures promise modernity and improvement, their neglect and absence exposes inequality and the fragility of progress.
In ‘Sensing Precarity’ David Watkins explores this tension between aspiration and failure as he constructs a sculpture to fill the gallery. As it builds, reflecting on society’s addiction to the forward motion of progress, the continual development will eventually lead to the work failing under its own weight. Mirroring the absurdity of unsustainable growth. Powerless to escape the cycle of promise and ruin, promise and ruin, the sculpture will rebuild out of the collapse.

Instagram: david_s_watkins
Private view: Thursday 16th June 18.30 – 20.00