All of Us

Blandine Martin

4 February to 28 February 2021

During lockdown, I began to weave with recycled materials found in the home. These works include my children’s old clothes, bedsheets, bathroom & kitchen towels, table cloth, yarn and a plate. The materials carry their associated history and memories. As an artist I am interested in recycling and transforming objects. I have increasingly become aware and taken more ownership of my responsibilities as a human being to care about the environment and its inhabitants. When I’m making work and therefore producing waste I need to justify and compromise: it’s a real dilemma.

It was also pointed out to me that the circular weaves look like Dream Catchers or like planets or again like the … virus. I don’t mind because it’s been our current reality. I would like to believe that generally we want to change for the better. Transforming old objects into desirable art, has to be a beautiful thing if not useful.

Instagram: @blandinem_art

Please note: We are remaining closed to visitors for the moment, but are hosting exhibitions that can be viewed from outside the gallery, through the window on Church Lane.